This has gone from my spot to share all my questions, fears and experiences to a necessary outlet for the good, bad and the ugly that goes along with having two boys. I wouldn't change it for the world!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tahoe Vacation_Final Day

Boo. It's time to head back to reality!! Vacation is already over. ;0( 

After Marcus and Shayna left Saturday a.m. we had to revisit a few places before we head home.  It was a must to feed the fish at Fanny Bridge again and hit the park at Commons Beach. The smoke is starting to let up, so there were definitely more people out. The fish were of course glad to see us and eat every last morsel we offered up. 

A little more kite flying, some grass and beach time and a low key dinner to finish off our relaxing, but too fast, trip to Tahoe. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tahoe Vacation_Day 6

Friday was another smoky day here, so we toned it down a little bit. The girls took to the shops. Duh. What else do you do when air quality is low?! The boys braved the smoke and took a quick dip in the lake at King's Beach. When they got back, Baby Johnny and Dad went out to launch his Buzz Lightyear kite. Best $2 we've spent all year!! 

Shayna and I held a serious frisbee competition while Baby J tried to play. The girls spent another night playing games, which are always more fun with wine. Of course!

While Marcus and Shayna took Baby J for ice cream that night, I missed Hudson taking like 7 steps in the living room with his dad!! I'm on alert now. 

We've never seen smoke so crazy. In these pics it just looks like fog, but it's all smoke.  I hope the fires calm down, the smoke clears out and those misplaced from their homes during this difficult time get to return home soon. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tahoe Vacation_Day 5

I love watching the boys play, snuggle, relax and sleep. Every morning of our vacation started out with a leisurely breakfast, relaxing veg time and a nice walk.

The smoke is still crazy here, but we were determined to enjoy the day and headed out with bikes to ride along the Truckee River.  John, Mary, Johnny, Hudson, Baby J and I were off. A nice 5 mile round trip ride to River Ranch and back got my legs aching and my blood pumping. The only way to finish that off is with a juicy hamburger and some stanky garlic fries from Bridgetender! So good!!

We all cleaned up that night and took a trip out to Truckee for Truckee Thursdays. They have a street fair in the summer every Thursday with great local food and vendors. Great local stuff that you can't find anywhere else! Seriously..

I was stalking the trash bin from my window every night hoping for one more chance to see the bears. No go.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Johnny Starts Preschool I hold back is with great pride that I share that Baby J started preschool two weeks ago. He was only able to attend one day before we left for vacation, so technically today was his second day, but he loves it!! His buddy, Bo, goes to his preschool so I'm sure they're joined at the hip.  When I dropped him off for his first day, I thought for sure that he was going to be a little clingy, but he gave me a cursory glance and went on to the blocks. I was able to hold it together after dropping him off but was anxious to hear about his first day. The made hats, hand puppets, read stories, played 'parachute' (think that's what it's called....where the throw up a big colorful sheet and run under it). His teacher also sent home a nice treat to celebrate their first day. Time to go get him now and see what he did on his second day. ;0)


This will be me...for sure!!!

Tahoe Vacation_Day 4

Day 4 was off to a slow start. The smoke coming into Tahoe from the fires in the area was really slowing everyone up to start the day.  Johnny, Hudson, Baby J and I finally gathered together some snacks, beach toys and sunscreen to head out to the park and Commons Beach. Mother Nature had other plans. We left and it was sunny and warm.  We drove 10 minutes and were at the park for less than 5 and it started dumping rain!! Hudson and I made a beeline for the car but Johnny was determined to play.  The rain helped clear out any other kids. Ha!

The boys made a delicious dinner that night of steak, chicken, salad and garlic bread while us girls went for a drink at Garwoods. Wet Woodys $5.50, every Wednesday, all day, all summer!! We had to take advantage and let me tell you...they were A-Mazing!! 

The night wrapped up with a flick and a push up competition. Perfect.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tahoe Vacation_Day 3

Today was rafting day!! Hudson had quality time with the grandparents while Johnny, Marcus, Shayna, Baby J and I floated down the Truckee River. This was the first year that we felt comfortable bringing Baby J on the raft. We had a blast!! We were gone for 5 hours and Baby Johnny NEVER complained, loved swimming in the river and even took an hour nap on some life vests in the raft! We finished up the evening with a trip to the ice cream shop. Vacation in full effect here!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tahoe Vacation_Day 2

So...this wouldn't be a vacation without some quality lake time, games, eating and bikes! Only Marcus, Shayna and Baby Johnny were brave enough to tackle the lake after dinner last night. We brought our bikes and went for a family ride. Hudson is happy as long as he's outside and Johnny loves showing his skills on his bike.  Games were followed up by a delicious dinner. Night 2 was Girls Night to cook. We had chicken enchiladas, rice and bean casserole, margaritas and guacamole. Delish!! Boys night is on Thursday so I'm sure red meat will be the main course. ;0)

It's so fun to just enjoy being together without worrying what time it is or who is calling. Memories in the making people.